A kawaii Japanese family get-together at the lakeside of Zürich. Mount Fuji in the alps. 2019 knows no borders! Japan? Sweden? Switzerland? who cares, you have to see the world.
Hand drawn prints built out of Switzerland’s most iconic products. Such as cheese, Dar-Vida, Migros, the edelweiss flower or Roger Federer. Traditional swiss fabrics worked in Japanese kimonos and the cervelat sausage reflected in a technical sportswear all over look. Konichiwa Edelweiss!

Come see us in Paris and find our mixed womens & menswear line at DACH SHOWROOM.
01.03 – 05.03 / PARIS
75003 PARIS
By appointment only: THX@JULIANZIGERLI.COM

The CAMERA ROLL foulards are UNIQUE digitally printed silk foulards, designed to share WALTER PFEIFFER and JULIANZIGERLIʼs great archive of pictures, from our BOLD IS MY FAVORITE COLOR COLLECTION.
Every Picture is only available once. One moment in time from us to you.

Only available in our store @ Rindermarkt 14, 8001 Zürich or via email fyi@julianzigerli.com

The foulard comes in two different sizes. 70×70 / 140 CHF and 100×100 / 210 CHF

In cooperation with the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND, we developed an eye-catching statement against climate change.
watch the VIDEO and buy the SWEATER. Let us share the message WORLDWIDE!

Europe experienced one of the hottest summers in its history. It was so hot for so long, that nobody can deny the warnings of climate experts anymore: Climate change is real. The LAST SWEATER was photographed in Spitsbergen, an arctic region where the dramatic effects of the higher temperatures are particularly visible. And it conveys a clear message: Even in one of the world’s northernmost towns it soon won’t be possible to wear wool sweaters all year-round without sweating, if we don’t act soon.

MICHAEL SIEBER spent a day with us at HOTEL STORCHEN in ZÜRICH last September.

We took our AW18 'BOLD IS MY FAVORITE COLOR' collection to Zürich Pride this summer where CLAUDE GASSER took these pictures of David & Ricardo, Yenny & Bilal, Fabienne & Céline, Chairat and Anais

zum Palmbaum
Rindermarkt 14
8001 Zürich

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7 Years of JULIAN ZIGERLI Archive pieces exclusively sold at our Flagship-Store in Zürich.
JULIAN ZIGERLI Rindermarkt 14, 8001 Zürich

We teamed up with LASKAAR for a 360° VR Video
Watch it on your mobile phone
and buy/stream here
all the dancers are dressed in JULIAN ZIGERLI A/W17

when we were in Beijing at the Swiss Embassy presenting our 'Me, my cat and I' collection, this is how it looked like. Thank you Mode Suisse for this adventure.

The CAMERA ROLL foulards are unique digitally printed silk scarfs, designed to share JULIANZIGERLIʼs great archive of pictures, from travels and everyday moments he captured with his phone all across the world.
Every Picture is only available once. One moment in time from us to you.

Only available in our store @ Rindermarkt 23, 8001 Zürich or via email thx@julianzigerli.com

The foulard comes in two different sizes. 70×70 / 120 CHF and 100×100 / 195 CHF

eSJZ - a capsule collection between JULIAN ZIGERLI and enSoie. Both labels based in Zürich.
Unique pieces, one size only. Only available at our Flagship-Store, Rindermarkt 14, 8001 Zürich.
Photo by Sophie Meier, backstage at Mode Suisse

Julian Zigerli ‘SORRYʼ collection presented during 3daysofdesign at the Swiss Embassy in Copenhagen.

Shop the collection HERE

For our Spring Summer 2016 ’SORRY’ campaign, we took artist YVES SUTER for a hike.

On STOOS, high above Lake Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland and at the shore of the Baltic Sea, Yves captured Julian, his mum and his friends.
A breath of fresh air and the panoramic view turns the scenery into a postcard from paradise.
Swissness at it’s best. Sorry, not sorry, never sorry.

The last show of th season was a very special one. On monday we presented our 'SORRY' collection at Mode Suisse in Zürich. Amongst our regular beautiful cast we got support by the Werkheim Uster with Julian's sister MARTINA ZIGERLI and her friends TATJANA, PETER, MATHIAS AND DAVID. Tears of joy were a regular at this very special performance. Thank you everyone for the love. <3

pictures by Alexander Palacios for Mode Suisse Edition 10 Zurich

our SORRY collection presented during Berlin Fashion week.
Coming to stores in February 2017

For our third season in Paris, we selected the Palais de Tokyo as the setting of our 'SORRY' show - a troupe of skater boys and girls presented the collection in a relaxed yet powerfull way.

Pictures by Piero Biasion

Eliot, Ethan, Maxime, Simon, Inès, Dimitrij, Gustav, Nemo, Oliver, Teddy, Merlin, Clément, Christophe, Alix, Solène, Clothilde, David, Aneessa, Elie, Cesar and Aristide

Manon Wertenbroek has a more colorful way of seeing things. She was with us during our ‘LARGER THAN LIFEʼ Paris presentation.

iD Germany was with us behind the scene of our WHITE RABBIT film we made in Berlin. With Martin Monk, Ella Rumpf and Quinn Jean Eon.

Pictures: Olga Khristolyubova

Ben Lamberty photographed already the very first Julian Zigerli campaign for A/W 11. For this New York love story they collaborated once again.
Also a Zigerli classic is model Thomas Gibbons. He played already in the AW13 Collection Movie "HAPPY TEARS" alongside Alan Cumming.
The story got featured on INTERVIEW.de

during our "White Rabbit" Berlin show last summer, we had the pleasure to work with Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte. A great talent, wonderful person and an eye candy <3

pictures shot by Jonas Hegi

A playful interpretation of the SS16 'White Rabbit' collection, the Zigerli campaign film looks at the intimate interactions between a young couple (Ella Rumpf and Quinn Jean Eon). Director Martin Monk has captured the innocence of the pieces in the collection - creating an unexpected yet fitting follow-on from the recent release of the illustrative print campaign by Foxy Illustrations.

We collaborated with Japanese artist Seitaro Ito better known as FOXY ILLUSTRATIONS for our latest "White Rabbit" advertising campaign. Seitaro also created some of our prints for the collection.

Heartshaped Clip-Ons, the look of love in a whole new way.

We have joined forces with Berlin-based eyewear specialists Lunettes Kollektion, to create a distinctive debut. A limited-edition sunglasses accessory that offers instant transformation. These eyewear clip-ons deliver a universal embrace for all frames. Over-sized mirrored heart-shaped lenses in vivid tones of pink, red, gold, silver and blue.

We have presented our Autumn/Winter 2016 collection during Paris Men’s Fashion Week - overtaking the charming ‘The Family’ venue with a performance based fashion show in collaboration with dramatics group (LAHORDE).

Show Credits:

Piero Biasion

Show concept and production

Casting and production support
Yannick Aellen

Aaron Smeding, Adrien Dantou, Alexandre Fournier, Annie Belet, Antonin Rioche, Brandon Malboneige Miel, Florent Cheymol, Hakim Hachouche, Hugo Hermanvillier, Jeremy Kouyoumdjian, Regina Demina, Tim Grupp, Viktor Jörgensen

Richard Blandel, Kevin Rajsavong, Fred Teglia. All at b-agency.com

Elias Hove with Alexia Taleb-Longevial, Laëtitia Sireix, Laura Merle, Riona O’Sullivan, TAKAMI. All at jedroot.com

Supported by
Patronage Mode Suisse

A very big thank you to the models and the whole Team Zigerli <3

The designers Julian Zigerli,Christa de Carouge as well as Producer Yannick Aellen made a dream come true.
As part of Werkheim Uster's 35 years jubilee they organised a fashionshow with models with and without a handicap.

The video from the show with music by Balbina is heartwarming and shows how touched everyone was by this very special evening.

Julian's sister works at the Werkheim and was part of the model gang too. "Finally i was able to give something from my world back to her world. Because she inspires me day by day with her beautiful soul" says Julian.

A project full of love, fun and beautiful moments and a great moment to look back on 2015 and be proud of our achievments to make the world a better place. #zigerlilove

Jonas Hegi came backstage and captured the
sparkling Zigerli boys from our
A/W15 show in Milano.

watch our brand new collection movie in HIGH RES
produced by Hillton
starring Rico&Michael

join the club and spred some #zigerlilove

Our most precious piece.

Using Jakob Schläpfers awarded "slow light" technique, Julian Zigerli's personal fingerprints have been lasered onto the reflective fleece fabric. The print is only visible from certain angles and stays flexibel through movement. WOW!

shop the sweater here and spread some #zigerlilove

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert came backstage and portrayed the Zigerli boys from our S/S16 "White Rabbit" show in Berlin.
Taken at Katharina Grosses Studio with grass make up by AOFM Pro and hair by AVEDA

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Our wonderful diffusion line launch during Berlin Fashion week was a once in a lifetime experience. Basic pieces for not so basic people. ♡ Thanks to BALBINA for the bloody awesome life performance.

Last Wednesday, we presented our Spring/Summer 2016 “White Rabbit collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, overtaking a public park to stage a guerrilla fashion show. Our boys were carrying their own music and were covered with grass all over their bodies.

Amongst our models we had RJ Mitte, the star from Breaking Bad. Go find him.


LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE Paris Suit Yourself www.parissuityourself.com

SUNGLASSES IN COLLABORATION WITH Lunettes-Kollektion www.lunettes-kollektion.com

PHOTOGRAPHY Guillaume Musset

CASTING Yannick Aellen

MODELS Pablo Pelegrin Nicolas Hau Bananas Models

love it and spread it ♡photos by Piero Biasion. Julian Zigerli finished off this fall winter fashion week on an upbeat note with his athletic, graphic-inspired designs. With an overall focus on athletic wear and gym-to-cocktail items sweeping the fashion sector, Zigerli unfurled a collection thick with ribbed sweat suits and cross torso leather bags that carry out easily throughout the day. A roomy jazzercise cropped shirt and tight black pants conjured images of Alvin Aileys New York dance troupe.Graphic prints were laser printed on jeans, track suits and evening wear. My inspiration came from my friends Rico Scagliola and Michael Meier, who drew the portraits that influenced my graphics, Zigerli said backstage. Their tech-driven prints show zoomed in details of car interiors, handy surfaces, naked flesh and their ironic take on society.

With a knack for showing how much art influences fashion, the joke was on the iPhone-holding fashion observers in the end. During the finale, models circled the crowd and whipped out their own smart phones and iPads and began filming left to right, showing us all just how ridiculous we look.