love it and spread it ♡photos by Piero Biasion. Julian Zigerli finished off this fall winter fashion week on an upbeat note with his athletic, graphic-inspired designs. With an overall focus on athletic wear and gym-to-cocktail items sweeping the fashion sector, Zigerli unfurled a collection thick with ribbed sweat suits and cross torso leather bags that carry out easily throughout the day. A roomy jazzercise cropped shirt and tight black pants conjured images of Alvin Aileys New York dance troupe.Graphic prints were laser printed on jeans, track suits and evening wear. My inspiration came from my friends Rico Scagliola and Michael Meier, who drew the portraits that influenced my graphics, Zigerli said backstage. Their tech-driven prints show zoomed in details of car interiors, handy surfaces, naked flesh and their ironic take on society.

With a knack for showing how much art influences fashion, the joke was on the iPhone-holding fashion observers in the end. During the finale, models circled the crowd and whipped out their own smart phones and iPads and began filming left to right, showing us all just how ridiculous we look.